Saturday, 8 August 2009

Case Touch Me Tease Me (Def Jam) 1996

Classic from 1996. I'm sure you'll agree.

TCF Crew Go To The Horse's Mouth (Cold Chillin') 1991

Thanks to for bringing this to my attention. It's a nice old skool rnb tune from the US. Thanks to ths guy for the link also-

Mary J Blige My Life-I Love You (MCA) 1994

This cut is taken from Mary's best-My Life. This was a real soul album and sampled the 70's to death! We had Barry White, Curtis Mayfield, Roy Ayers, Mary Jane Girls...amongst others. The real emotion in the tracks here really didn't go unmissed on me. Apparently this was written after she broke up with that bloke from Jodeci.. I found her later albums to have no soul and poor lyrics to be quite honest, maybe she had no subject matter.. Anyway, the track I have selected here is 'I Love You' and the Isaac Hayes sample really does provide the perfect backdrop with that classic piano loop.

Mona Lisa You Said (Island) 1996

Love this tune. This was from Mona Lisa who was one of the commercial rnb artists of the mid 90's. Despite this, rnb still wasn't as big as it is today and there were many real soul hits from this era-this being one of them alongside Faith Evans' stuff and also the classic Mary J Blige album My Life. Real soul with real emotion. Wicked tune.

Innocence A Matter Of Fact (Cooltempo) 1990

How did I forget to put this on here? Innocence A Matter Of Fact...what a lovely tune this is. This was from their seminal album Belief which I have harped on about in previous posts. If you're STILL sleeping on this album then you've been in a coma for 17 years. I urge you to go and buy the album (Belief) and all the Innocence stuff! It can be picked up so cheap as well. As a matter of fact, 90% of the stuff on this blog can be. This is music WORTH buying. Go download the crap that's not worth buying but these old tunes deserve some respect and you really need to own the vinyl to appreciate these as they're from the vinyl era! 'I haven't got a record player' I hear the tight arses scream...BUY ONE!

Innocence A Matter Of Fact (Dancehall Remix)

Innocence A Matter Of Fact (Classic Club Mix)

Innocence A Matter Of Fact (Belief Mix)

LL Cool J feat Boyz II Men Hey Lover (Def Jam) 1995

Absolute classic tune from LL Cool J and Boyz II Men. Borrows a sample from Michael Jackson's 'The Lady In My Life' from his Thriller album. Works so well. Sounds as good now as it did back in '95. Timeless.

Micheal Jackson Lady In My Life

Monica Let's Straighten It Out (Miss Thang) (Rowdy) 1995

Awesome cover version of the Latimore classic (correct me if I am wrong) I would have to say Monica's could be a better version than the original which is something quite rare. This was a track taken from her album 'Miss Thang' You decide for yourself..

Latimore Let's Straighten It Out (RCA) 1974

Quailty soul tune from 1974. A lesson in musical arrangement and songwriting!

Innocence Reflections (Belief) (Cooltempo) 1990

Wicked instrumental track from the classic Innocence album 'Belief' from 1990. Everybody needs to own this album. Unforgettable saxophone in this, bang it on when you're cleaning the house and enjoy..

Horace Brown Taste Your Love (MCA) 1994

This is where the Americans show us how to produce great rnb tunes...

Loose Ends My Way Promo (Ten) 1993

The rare Loose Ends promo from 1993 was probably more sought after for the remixes of Love Controversy but the title track is actually quite good on here and deserves to be heard. The production is typical of that era but the chorus really stands out to me and sounds a bit like the Jacksons for some reason!

My Way (Main Stay)

My Way (Doin' It)

Crooklyn Dodgers Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers (MCA) 1995

One of the best hip hop tunes ever made. DEFINITELY one of Premier's best productions. This is just amazing. I have never heard an emcee 'melt' so effortlessly into a tune like Jeru The Damaja does on this one. I really wish Jeru and Premier would get back on an album again, they were so good on his first two efforts (Sun Rises In The East and Wrath Of The Math) Chubb Rock sounds wicked on this track as well. This is a hip hop collaboration made in heaven!!!! O.c. Jeru the Damaja and Chubb Rock...

Deborah Cox Sentimental (Arista) 1995

Another mid nineties gem from the very sexy Deborah Cox. Loved the bassline on this one. One from the top drawer me thinks..

Brandy Baby (Atlantic) 1994

Early Brandy 12" that came after the classic I 'Wanna Be Down' Was a favourite on the pirates back in the day.

OC Far From Yours Feat Yvette Michele (Payday) 1997

Man what a tune. Had to just rewind this now whilst listening. From 1997 and featuring Yvette Michelle. This guy has to be up there with the best rap lyricists. He's in the same school as Rakim and Nas for me. His first two albums are essential purchasing. There's nothing I don't like about this 12" I really want to do a full posting of rap tunes but this is supposed to be soul...damn..

Mica Paris Young Soul Rebels (Remix) (Big Life) 1991

Mica Paris makes another entry. Young Soul Rebels. Sounds nice this one, as most of hers do. Very gifted vocalist.

Shabba Ranks feat Maxi Priest Housecall (Sony) 1991

The David Morales long remix of this was top. Real winner of a ragga/soul tune. Got hammered on the soundsystems. Has to be one of Shabba's best?

Movement 98 feat Carroll Thompson Joy and Heartbreak (Circa) 1990

Already posted the Future Remix of this great tune before. This is an Oakenfold produced mellow soul tune from 1990. Sweet vocals. Classic. Seem to remember this being played on Sunset 102FM back in the old days.

Regina Belle Good Lovin' (CBS) 1989

Sampled to death this intro. Great soul sounds from Regina here. Classic.

Soul II Soul Fairplay (Ten) 1988

Classic Soul II Soul track, their first tune I believe.

Rose Windross Living Life Your Own Way (Acid Jazz) 1991

Rose Windross here with a nice tune from back in the day, pretty sure the remix was better than this if anyone has it out there? She also sang on the classic Soul II Soul breakthrough 'Fairplay' which now mentioned I am gonna have to post! She is also sister of Norris Da Boss Windross. Her myspace is here.

Lisette Melendez Goody Goody (Rush) 1993

Wicked jazzy soulful 12" from Lisette Melendez. Features Greg Nice as well. Top tune-LISTEN.

Lalah Hathaway Let Me Love You (Virgin) 1994

Quality track from Lalah Hathaway in 1994. Her vocals are so good..Soul Nation 1046 favourite this as the time. Uses Zapp's 'More Bounce To The Ounce' to give it a nice bouncy feel..

Jomanda I Like It (Vibes Mix) (Atlantic) 1993

Another corker from 1993, who can forget this classic by Jomanda!!

POV duet with Jade All Thru The Nite (Giant Records) 1993

Massive tune from 1993! Used to love this.

Roz U Can Be My Lover 12'' (Hip Hop Mix) (Ruff Trade) 1996

Mid 90's style..

Mix Master Dee feat Michelle If You Want Me (Raiders) 1992

Sometimes I don't know where I pull them out from...Especially this! Sounds like the blueprint for some of the early East 17 tunes! Had a picture cover on it but I have no image as it's that rare I can't find it. Sounds ok actually. Bit of a cheeky Sylvia Striplin You Can't Turn Me Away sample in the middle as well...

Charlotte Queen Of Hearts (Big Life) 1994

Nice tune from the Soul Nation 1046 days. She also sung on Soul II Soul's 'I Care'

Diane Marsh Don't Give Up On Lovin (Old English) 1996

Sadly no image for this but I think it was on the Old English label and produced by Andy Madhatter? So another local tune..

The Escofferys Look Who's Loving Me (East West) 1991

Nice soul tune from back in the day!

Martine Girault The Revival (FFRR) 1992

Another AMAZING tune. Nice to see the videos of some of these now and again.

Chante Moore Love's Taken Over (MCA) 1992

Why do I NEVER get bored of this? Breathtaking on every level imaginable. Enjoy.

Cool Down Zone Waiting For Love (Ten) 1990

Cool Down Zone with another release featuring vocalist Diane Charlemagne.

Harlem Gem Your Love (Boss)

Classic track.

Ericka Yancey So Good (RCA) 1997

This was a wicked promo 12" that came out in 1997. Think her album got scrapped or something....

Jennifer Michaels Just Can't Hide (White) 1996

Picked this up on a white label in 1996, thought it sounded OK at the time. Wasn't the best time for UK 12"s like this..

Ipso Facto Love Can Make You Feel So Happy (Debut) 1991

This is one from the archives! Piano driven old skool soul music. Sounds quite dramatic actually..police sirens and allsorts going on. Definitely worth checking out for the memories..

Kut Klose I Like (WEA) 1995

Another mid 90's US soul tune. This was the remix I think, Kut Klose-I Like.

Faith Evans You Used To Love Me (Bad Boy) 1995

WICKED early 12" from Faith Evans. Her first album is definitely worth picking up for tunes like this. Great mid 90's flavas!

Dark Knights Feat Jen E The Way I Feel (About U) (EZee) 1993

UK streetsoul from 1993, not as good as the Mary Pearce efforts but was still worth a listen anyway!

En Vogue Lies (Remix) (Atlantic) 1990

En Vogue with their take on deception! Classic old skool..

Kashif Help Yourself To My Love (1983)

This is nice!

Louchie Lou and Michie One Somebody Else's Guy (Mi Did Love You) (Fashion) 1993

Nice feelgood soul/reggae tune. Got BATTERED on pirate radio in the mid nineties! Namely Buzz FM in Manchester.

Tara Kemp Piece Of My Heart (Big Beat) 1991

Good tune from Tara Kemp. Typical of the time and very catchy.

Horace Brown Things We Do For Love (Motown) 1996

Believe this is a bit of a rarity these days on 12" Killer from Horace Brown. Will be posting his other ones soon as well. Annoying that I can't remember what the looped up sample is on this...

The Controllers Stay (Bootleg Mix) 1996

Yet another in the series of rare bootleg mixes this is The Controllers classic 'Stay' over the Horace Brown's 'One For The Money'

Brownstone If You Love Me (MJJ Music) 1994

Top mid 90's soul from girl r n b outfit Brownstone. Starts off slow then kicks in ending up a real winner!!

The Emotions Flowers (Remix) (CBS) 1990

Nice 1990 remix of a lovely track from The Emotions. Consists of the original and a breakbeat but seems to really work for me.

The Good Girls Since I Fell For You (Just Call Me) (Motown)1992

Killer album track from the Good Girls. It was on a bootleg 12" not sure if it ever got an official release.

Sindecut Tell Me Why (Virgin) 1990

Classic bassline streetsoul track from the good old days..

Groove Theory Keep Trying (Bootleg Mix) 1996

Another very rare bootleg mix. This is Groove Theory's 'Keep Trying' over the fantastic Premier produced Jeru the Damaja track 'Come Clean' and it works.

SWV You're The One (Bootleg Mix) 1996

Mega rare bootleg of SWV's You're The One. Bet not many have heard this..Check the bass..

Paula Perry Paula's Jam (Loose Cannon) 1996

Big female rap tune from 1996. Top drawer!