Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Lalah Hathway Baby Don't Cry (Cry Baby Club Version) (Virgin) 1990

I love all the tunes on this blog...BUT....if you were to ask me to choose one to be buried with...I think it might be this one. The Crybaby Club version of this really does it for me. The chimes sound is just unforgettable and unmistakable. Sounds like it is borrowed from the Brothers Johnson bomb 'Stawberry Letter 23' and used in a different pitch. Her vocals are just brilliant, unsurprising maybe considering her father is Donny Hathaway. The bassline just plods on.....ahhhhhh this is sublime... When I turn the radio on-WHY DO I NOT HEAR THESE CLASSICS? Maybe I am listening to the wrong stations-bring the pirates back PLEASSSSSEEEEE!!!! A true classic.

Innocence Silent Voice (Album Version) (Cooltempo) 1990

What a group these were! Fantastic stuff, atmospheric UK Soul music. Their album was and is an absolute MUST for anybody's collection. It is, of course, called 'Belief' and this track is the one that kicks it all off. Truly breathtaking in my opinion.

Caron Wheeler Livin' In The Light (RCA) 1990

Ex Soul II Soul vocalist and one of the best vocalists this country has ever produced. This was from her album UK Blak and charted at the time. I often wonder what she is doing now? She could easily pull off a Jill Scott type album with her vocals and the correct US producers..

MK Feat Alana Love Changes (Charisma Records) (Rough Mix) 1993

This was a 1993 Ragga/soul tune big on the pirates of the day if I remember rightly. Hip hop style beats, a Jamaican style guy doing some ragga chatting over the top and a tasty soulful chorus! All and all a good tune for the time..

Movement 98 Feat Carroll Thompson Joy and Heartbreak (the Future Remix) (Circa Records)1990

I like this remix, primarily because of the beats which sound suspiciously like Barry White's from 'I'm Gonna Love You A Little Bit More, Baby'. Also the string stabs that add to the great intro build..Produced by Oakenfold and Osbourne using Carroll's sweet vocals, this is a lovely tune of which the original cut actually made it into the charts in that marvellous year of 1990..

McKoy Family (Right Track Records) 1991

KILLER streetsoul gem from McKoy. But then I would say that...Great lyrics, great sounds, great tune. Say no more..

McKoy Family (Original Mix)

McKoy Family (Steve Williamson Sax Mix)

Gold In The Shade Over You (TSR) 1990

What a great tune. Pirate radio classic, massive on the soundsystems of the day.. Why don't we hear these tunes anywhere? Ok so it's not Minnie Riperton on the vocal..but it was never meant to be. Dirty breakbeat, nice simple bass, string sounds...it really really works!! Real street soul music with real emotion..Very rare as well, try Google if you don't believe me...

Fresh 4 (Children Of The Ghetto) Feat Lizz E Wishing On A Star (Ten Records) 1989

The sound of inner city Bristol and what a great sound this was. Comprising of Faze-O's 'Rising High' for the bassline and of course the ubiquitous 'Funky Drummer' loop amongst other bits and pieces-this was truly a classic. The moody vocals on here just give it that gritty UK sound and if you look at the video seem like someone's mother was brought in to do these.. Brilliant stuff.

Higher Ground Sugar Free (Don't Want Your Love) (Cooltempo) 1991

Gorgeous, angelic vocals on this cover/remake of the Juicy classic 'Sugarfree' Slight different lyrical arrangement which I think gives a bit more than the average cover version. Streesoul classic, the One Touch mix being my preferred version with its growling bassline and subtle saxophone sounds....Top drawer downtempo soul.....

Oval Emotion Lies (Hi Bias) 1991

Well apparently there is a good house tune on side A but I've never listened to it and now it is confined to the loft so never will..Anyway it is here for the track 'Lies' This is from Canada this tune but made it to the inner cities of the UK, possibly because the production sounds the same-very raw. This is no polished up US 12"! With a lot of these kind of records, the vocalist could be better without doubt, but this certainly does not stop the emotion and feeling of the tune or indeed its soulfulness. Maybe it adds to the grittiness...Great tune nonetheless.

Double Trouble Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Desire Records) 1990

Should I like this? Isn't it just another early 90's rip off...Well it is, but it's a good one and sounds better now than it did then. Much covered soul tune (most notably by Jimmy Nail in the 80's) originally done by the amazing Rose Royce. Apart from the 1990 style beats, which I happen to like, this boasts a killer bassline as well. I notice Karl 'Tuff Enuff' Brown was part of this collective, the UK Garage DJ from a few years ago..It also mentions on Discogs that he provides additional vocals so must do that moody intro bit..Good tune from good times.

Beats International In The Ghetto (Go!Discs) 1991

Norman Cook's reworking of an Elvis tune using Sylvia Striplin's classic 'You Can't Turn Me Away' He certainly loves to nick tunes this guy... The year before he nicked the Clash's bassline and SOS Band's lyrics to produce the chart hit 'Dub Be Good To Me' This was another soundsytem favourite and was hard to get hold of before the advent of the internet.

Chante Moore Love's Taken Over 12" (MCA) 1992

Not only did she look good, she made good tunes. Written by herself and Simon Law this is an absolute gem of a soul track. Pure class.

Emma Haywoode Don't Poison Me Boss 1991

Massive soundsystem classic from Emma Haywoode. One of the classier streetsoul tunes of the day with an infectious sound running through it..What is that? mmm.... Sure is good whatever it is..Just giving it a listen now..top production compared with many of that day and what sets it aside for me is the slightly different lyrics for a soul tune-Don't Poison Me..A definite rewind contender..

Opaz I Don't Want It 1993

This tune and his other one 'When We're Making Love' (which I can't find an image for) were works of genius back in the day. Absolute perfect production throughout. When everybody else was sampling Soul II Soul style beats he was using live musicians to produce, in my eyes, two epic songs. It's a real talent to be able to make a tune last 8 minutes as it is and barring Innocence's classic 'Natural Thing' there wasn't too many around of this quality. This is real soul music with enough lazy brass to make it jump into the jazz section as well. Amazing. Apart from the more discerning pirate radio djs I am shocked that I have never heard this on mainstream radio, maybe it's better that way..

Main Source Just Hangin Out (Wild Pitch) 1991

Why is this so good? The subtlety of the sampling on this record really give it that laid back feeling. Gwen McRae's "90% Of Me Is You" is the backdrop laced with the horns from Sister Nancy's classic "Bam Bam" The whole thing sounds effortlessly cool and summery.

Alyson Williams I Need Your Lovin' (Remix) (Def Jam) 1989

The Soul II Soul remix of this tune was just fantastic. Lyrically and vocally this record really is one of the best. Alyson belts out these lines in true soul diva fashion-she means every word. "I need your lovin' so it must be right..."

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Neneh Cherry Inna City Mama (Remix) 1990

This remix has one of the best and biggest rumbling basslines you'll ever hear-it is truly earth shattering! Fantastic tune from her classic album 'Raw Like Sushi' Maybe could have done without the rap but that was the style in those days. In any case it can be edited out with any decent sound recording software.(Which I did..)

Loose Ends Don't You Ever Try To Change Me/Love Controversy Pt 1 (Look How Long album)

These are album tracks and barring a 1993 12" promo of a Love Controversy remix, never made it to 12" (as far as I am aware). Criminal. These two are the standouts on a very solid album from Loose Ends in 1990. 'Don't You Ever Try To Change Me' relies on a simple looped breakbeat, some tasty keyboards and a lyrically great tune sung and produced by Carl Mcintosh. Love Controversy has a breathtakingly gorgeous vocal and has 'summer's day' written all over it. Truly beautiful track and seems to be set apart from other tunes of that time and ever since, magic!

Less Stress Feat Katherine Wood Don't Dream It's Over 1990

1990...what a year...what a tune! Less Stress cover the Crowded House favourite 'Don't Dream It's Over' As with most of these tunes we have a killer dirty breakbeat, massive bassline and decent vocal performance as well. Was one of my personal faves back in the day.

Bomb The Bass Winter In July 1991

I remember jumping out of bed when I first heard Bomb the Bass' 'Beat Dis' back in 1987-Tim Simenon was one of the early masters of the sampling game back then. This 1991 effort just oozes cool-Loretta Heywood's vocals sitting on top of a classic breakbeat loop and many eerie sounds to create a dark killer soul track..

Adeva Beautiful Love Cooltempo 1989

.......I have just put this on to write a short 'piece'...This is truly sublime, an amazing piece of heartfelt soul music. Late 80's production styles sit alongside some beautiful piano on here with Adeva's great vocal. As if her house music achievements are not enough she clobbers us with this absolute soul gem...

Tammy Payne Free WEA 1990

For those who dont know, this is a Deniece Williams cover sung by vocalist Tammy Payne. A very simple big bassline over an equally simple beat, borrowed from 'God Made Me Funky', really works on this cut. I am talking about the Freedom Version which I prefer but the other versions are still worthy of praise. Used to get hammered on all the black sound systems back in the day and spend as much time in rewind as it did in forward play!

Gwen Guthrie Eyes (You Never Really Cared) (Jet Star)

RIP Gwen Guthrie, an awesome vocal talent. Top notch streetsoul tune from the early nineties this one.

Oleta Adams Rhythm Of Life (Circa) 1990

She was the singer with Tears For Fears and they co wrote this track also. This is just immense and a real masterpiece as far as I'm concerned!

The Family Stand Ghetto Heaven (Atlantic) 1990

The Soul II Soul remix of this, which is the one that everybody knows, is just a stone cold classic. Big heavy bassline, moody synths, James Brown grunts...then the bit where the vocals go onto the next level....Fond fond memories....

Cherrelle Tears Of Joy (Tabu Records) 1992

Wicked tune by Cherrelle. Can't say anymore.

Azizi Midnight Lover (Arista) 1991

Love this track. Late night pirate radio flavour..Wicked sample running through it, but cannot remember what it is from. (The bass samples are taken from The Eagles I think)....

2 Tuff Slow Down/Elevate Your Mind (East West) 1990

Slow Down borrowed heavily from En Vogue's 'Hold On' and The Family Stand's 'Ghetto Heaven' Sounds like a minor crusade against the house music of the day.. 'Elevate Your Mind' has a nice bassline and Soul II Soul 'Back To Life' style beats. Both good tracks in tune with the time and very listenable now.