Sunday, 18 January 2009

Mica Paris - Should've Known Better

Imagine my surprise when a colleague at work kindly pointed out that I'd missed out the best ever Mica Paris track! I still can't believe I left 'Shouldn't Known Better' off here, this is one of the backbones to the blog. A true 1990's vinyl classic. I'm still not convinced it isn't here somewhere underneath all these layers of music. Well I thank my good friend for his pedantry and also respect his musical knowledge. Oh, and also give thanks that he recorded the Claudia Patrice from vinyl for me. Still, I'd love to find that tune on an earlier post just to prove him wrong.. (grrrrr) This was a B Side track and a real cool cut. Some nice sounds in this, it's hard not to pinpoint the bassline as the driving force, but then that does the vocals an injustice...and the lazy beats...mmmmmm...Decide for yourself..But most of all, enjoy.