Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Bassline feat Lorraine Chambers You've Gone (RMH) 1989

Wow! 'You've Gone' by Lorraine Chambers...what a tune this is! Managed to find the vinyl for some images.. From the opening bars it is instantly recognisable. Really stops you dead in your tracks this song. Lyrically brilliant, it is enhanced by her high tone, moody synth, classic breakbeat and bassline. This just works. and is a real classic. Despite her less than exceptional vocal abilities this is one of the most powerful tunes you will ever hear and I wouldn't change anything about it. Magic.

Bassline feat Lorraine Chambers You've Gone


This was the B-side dub version of the absolute classic tune 'You've Gone' Was always worth a spin this track. The atmospheric synth and her haunting acappella vocals at the start make this unmissable..